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DHA: Seafood is Seefood

As discussed in the previous blog post, the mitochondrial production of ATP led to the evolutionary origin of vision and the nervous system. The key signalling molecule in the membranes in the eyes and brain is docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), a long-chain, omega-3 fatty acid that is found in fatty fish and other seafood. DHA makes up a part of the photoreceptors in the eye, which convert energy from photons or waves of light from the sun into electricity that can be transmitted as impulses through the nerves. This is the photoelectric effect that Einstein won the Nobel Prize for taking place in us. Quantum physics in the human body. And this is just the tip of the iceberg of what we know and what is to come in terms of our knowledge of quantum physics within us.

As an aside...

As our knowledge and use of quantum computers, the quantum internet, and artificial intelligence grows, in parallel will grow our understanding of quantum brains and bodies using things like tunnelling and coherence to regulate our thoughts, both conscious and subconscious, as well as our communication with each other. For we too emit electromagnetic radiation. For in reality these technologies are created out of the reverse engineering of the beauty of our biology.

You may ask, how does DHA work in the eye and brain? The answer is through the conversion of the waves of light or photons which are tiny packets of that energy-- like peaks of a wave-- from light to electricity to be transmitted through our nervous systems. Some call this the neuronal spark. DHA is the guiding force for our ability to receive light so that our mitochondria can orient themselves to time of day and its abundance in the brain is mandatory.

As you contemplate healing yourself, you must take steps to ensure adequate levels of DHA in your brain. While some omega-3s can be found in plants, it is imperative that you consume omega-3s with the correct bond positions, as they are not all the same. The necessary DHA is most highly concentrated in seafood. That said, plant-based sources will never do. Seafood is seefood because it allows your mitochondria to see-- to orient themselves to all of the light of the sun. Every day spent without it is a day you will spend feeling duller and duller and more disconnected. This understanding will be vital in my writings that are to come in order to have a future understanding of where we come from as a conscious being and where we are headed. In brief, we come from and return to light.

Suffice it to say that without DHA, the human brain cannot function optimally in its role as an intelligent, conscious observer of its environment. The retina contains opsins or proteins, which are associated with smaller chromophores (light lovers) called retinal. The majority of the fat molecules within this membrane are DHA. Biochemically speaking, DHA is an incredibly unique molecule. It essentially works like a light switch from a quantum physics perspective to “flip” when the photons or packets of light hit it, converting the energy into something the brain can read as an electrical signal. Think of it literally like a light switch that flips off and on in the back of your eye.

Now, for the science people… DHA is made of six carbon-carbon double bonds (CH=CH). Three of these bonds exist in the same plane. The other three bonds can exist in one of two positions: two of the bonds above the plane with one below, or one above with two below. In other words, the molecule can either exist in a polarized or unpolarized state. When photons enter the molecule, the sun’s energy that they carry causes the DHA to “flip” and become polarized. When the photon is no longer exciting the molecule it flips back, like flipping a light switch off. Because the double bonds alternate, they are able to story energy or information from the visible range of the electromagnetic field (the sun’s light).

A DHA molecule. Grey represents carbon and white represents hydrogen.

Think of DHA as a “copper wire” for electron movement in the retina. In classical physics, methylene groups (-CH2) would appear to block the current from traveling between the double bonds. However, from a quantum physics perspective, DHA has energy states that imply it can use coherence and tunneling as explained in my previous blog posts. This essentially means that the information can pass easily through this barrier and instantly be available for the information for our vision and regulation of day and night processes in the body. This tunnelling and coherence create the precise and fantastic energy release that results in our clarity of vision to interpret the world around us, necessary for higher functioning of our brain and consciousness. This means that we are quantum entangled with light.

Now, something to ponder is this. Our vision perceives a very tiny portion of that electromagnetic field from our sun. Less than 0.05%, to be specific. This means that there are waves of energy as long as a football field all the way up to high energy waves like x rays and even cosmic rays that we are unable to perceive. More on this topic in upcoming writings and how it relates to our thoughts and conscious perception of reality.

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