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Genetic Protocol™ Supplements

Our physician-designed formulas are pharmaceutical grade proprietary blends with all of the ingredients you need in each supplement designed to work around your specific genetic mutations.


Our supplements save you hours of research in trying to understand specifically which unique combinations work for your genetic weaknesses. When you meet with us, we create a unique program based on your entire nutrigenetic report with specific instructions to help you move through week by week on your transition towards health.


Much of the confusion with today’s nutrigenetic testing comes from having to go to a supplement store and figure out the many supplements you have to take. We have taken all the work out of that for you.


Our supplements are also color-coded to match the areas of DNA mutations on your Genetic Protocol test for ease of use and understanding, no matter how much brain fog you may have. Our test results combined with our proprietary formulas make a simple and easy recipe for you to follow on your path towards healing or optimal health.

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