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Meet Shauna Smith, DNP

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Shauna Smith is a pioneering Doctorate Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and a passionate advocate for integrative medicine, focusing on empowering women of all ages to achieve optimal health through personalized approaches. Beyond traditional health paradigms, Shauna incorporates hormone replacement, nutrition counselling, ketosis, and fasting into her holistic care strategies. Her diverse expertise spans health and wellness, including advanced knowledge in metabolism and the impact of light, mitochondria, and DNA on well-being.

Shauna's professional journey is marked by her unwavering dedication to offering compassionate, evidence-based, and holistic care to women from all walks of life, embracing diversity across cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds. At 40, Shauna's maturity and wisdom resonate through her work. Her background as a professional and collegiate athlete fuels her drive and passion, enhancing her understanding of physical and mental resilience. With a Doctor of Nursing Practice from Arizona State University and a rich educational tapestry that includes a Fellowship in Integrative Medicine from the University of Arizona Andrew Weil Center, Shauna's credentials are matched by her depth of experience in neurolinguistic programming, hypnotherapy, and integrative holistic health coaching.

Shauna’s commitment to women's health is profound, specializing in GYN conditions like endometriosis, PCOS, and pelvic pain. She offers a nuanced approach to hormone therapy, advising both women who may not need hormone replacement and those navigating menopause with options including bio-identical hormones, traditional prescriptions, lozenges, creams, and pellets. Her ability to calm and redirect the brain, leveraging her training as a qualified coach and hypnotherapist, sets her apart.

Shauna's professional journey is distinguished by her dedication to providing compassionate, evidence-based, and holistic care to women from diverse backgrounds. Her role extends beyond clinical care to include empowering women to discover their most authentic and confident selves. Her approach, free of judgment and prejudice, focuses on helping women reach their health and life goals.

In every aspect of her career, Shauna Smith stands as a beacon of hope and a source of strength for women seeking to navigate the complexities of their health and well-being. Her unique blend of clinical expertise, holistic care, and life coaching offers a transformative path for women of all ages, guiding them towards empowerment and optimal health.

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