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Genetic Protocol™

Discover your genetic code for your path to wellness

Each person’s genetic makeup is unique and it dictates their biochemical processes. These processes function as a set of systems that enable all of us - everyone from a CEO to an athlete to a stay-at-home mom or dad - to cope with the stress from their lives, work, sport, and play. In some cases, if these systems are not working properly, they can accelerate aging or a decline in health.


With so many unique genetic factors, your well-being should be personalized to you. In prioritizing your body’s healing systems, you are proactively aiding recovery and helping avoid fatigue and decline.

Through Genetic Protocol testing, Dr. Hunt is able to dive deeper into your health concerns and create a custom health protocol based on your unique genes. We understand that each person is different, and our personalized approach allows Dr. Hunt to assist you at a cellular level. 

Our exclusive Genetic Protocol Panel™  identifies 55 SNPs and includes a full report with strategic lifestyle, nutrient, environment, and supplement protocols. Specific risks, if any, will be identified and environmental issues to avoid will be listed. This takes the guesswork out of your health plan and saves you from trial and error with countless diet and supplement regimens, ultimately saving you money and helping you to heal faster. 


Whether you are tired of being unhealthy and have been told there is no treatment or you are searching for peak performance and optimal brain function, Genetic Protocol is for you.

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