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The Why

Let’s talk about how to heal.

Every morning I do a free live video on Instagram to show you how to heal. I have been doing this daily for almost 2 years. Sometimes I leave them up, sometimes I take them down.

Why? Because I want to help humanity heal as a whole. And I want every woman, man, and child to understand. No human left behind.

Many mornings I realize that what I am saying may seem complicated because I teach a lot of quantum physics... but it doesn’t have to be. It’s really a simple thing. We talk about biology, healing, light, neuroscience, and current research in the field of consciousness.

If you want to heal, you have to start with getting your body into alignment with the sunlight. It provides all of the instructions you need to start feeling better.

The first step is to watch the sunrise every day.

Start there. That light gives you all of the code you need to coordinate your mitochondria or batteries that make your energy. Sunrise and sunset alone will do a lot of good. And don’t worry-- you can’t burn at that time.

Each night when you get into deep sleep, you perform a process called autophagy. I refer to this as running your dishwasher. It won a Nobel Prize in medicine in 2015 and yet somehow doctors haven’t caught up in their clinical practice. When you perform autophagy, you clean yourself. It needs to happen every night, night after night.

In the mornings, even if it is cloudy, you can still get the light that you need to tell your brain to get started for the day. No windows, no glasses, no contacts. The signals you need to put your melatonin (which is your sleep hormone) away. You cleaned yourself at night when you were totally paralyzed in deep sleep, not using energy for anything other than storing memories or making your nerves capture the memories from the day. Your melatonin was the signal for you to fall asleep, and we turn it off as the sun rises. Sunrise is one of the most important things you can do if you struggle with sleep.

If you are new to my page and are looking for medication to heal, there is no magic pill. No one is coming to rescue you except for you. Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself, “When was the last time I felt good?” And then ask yourself, “Can I see myself feeling good again?”

Much of what I talk about is quantum mechanics. In the beginning, that may feel overwhelming… but I promise if you stick around your brain will heal and the quantum part will come. We learn by repetition and I can show you. Don’t worry, we will work on this. For now, just understand that If you look in the mirror and see the person you want to be, you start letting go of the memories of who you were when you were sick. That will free you up to focus on changing things for your future. There are 86,400 seconds in the day. Each day you can take 10-15 of those seconds to change 1 thing. It might just be opening your window in the morning, or rolling down your car window when driving your kids to school, or arriving at your job 5 minutes earlier to sit in the parking lot to watch the sunrise. All of the little details give rise to the symphony of your life.. Your lifestyle is the symphony created by the quantum mechanics of your life. You have little tiny particles inside of you. Tiny, subatomic particles oscillating or vibrating inside and outside of the field of energy called the Higgs field. It’s ok if you’ve never heard of this. But it is there, and it permeates every little space inside of you and you take instructions from the electromagnetic field or sunlight.

You are vibrating in and out of the field. Nothing is really touching. And in that field, the energy you connect with is a feedforward feedback system,... Every time you wake up and you think “I am a sad, upset, foggy person because of XYZ…; Did my parents neglect me? Did my partner dump me? Was I bullied?” there is always a chance to start over. You leave your tracks on the universe, like a footprint in the sand in terms of the memories or the information you lay down. Every day you wake up and resort to memories that hold you down, every day you do the same negative thing over and over is a day you can’t get well. That's why mindfulness meditation works. That’s why writing down goals and taping the information on your mirror works. So, use your 86,400 seconds of each day wisely and start to change every single tiny thing. Start with baby steps. Crawl, walk, run.

It is the connection of this self-cleaning of the brain or autophagy and consciousness itself that I hope to show you over time.

We are the universe’s evolution of consciousness. We are the highest level of conscious beings, able to interact with our environments and exercise our free will. From the moment of the Big Bang. The lifespan of humanity itself over the course of the 13.8 billion years since our Big Bang or the creation of the universe is like the width of a hair compared to the depth of the Grand Canyon. Our individual lives are a blink of an eye compared to the time our universe has been around. We know that the Earth has been around for 4.5 billion years and the universe 13.8 billion years. The interesting thing is that at the beginning, it was just a Big Bang. Hinduism talks about the recycling of the universe every 4 billion years. Science appears to be proving the same thing when you look at Sir Roger Penrose's cosmic recycling or the cross-over from energy to mass as he calls it.

During my live talks I might say something that piques your interest in the recycling of healing. I intentionally want to go to the higher level right now. You who are coming here just wanting a little bit of information about how to heal. Everything you come here you take away a little bit of information to heal and hopefully a lot more about human biology and the field of consciousness. The more the information comes around, the more you learn-- So keep coming back for more. Drink from my cup. Write things down and look them up. My favorite professor from medical school was quite intimidating. Every time we met with him we would have to sit at the table and look at him. He would grill us and expect us to take notes on everything. His favorite saying was “write it down in the little book and look it up in the

big book.” He was so intimidating and scary but I loved him because what makes you learn the best is the biggest pressure. The struggles, the slap in the face, the harshest of harsh. It makes you come out #betterfasterstronger. Now we have these computers at our fingertips to be able to look anything up. If you want knowledge for yourself, you have to own it. You have to study. If you heal yourselves and your brains, you can learn whatever you need to learn. If you catch onto anything I said, the singularity, the black hole, the age of the universe, the quantum aspect of the universes, everything happens so fast and furious in the multiverse in order for God to figure out how to get it right. If any of that interests you, the next time it will make sense. The more you write it down in your little book, the more you listen to me and look it up in the big book-- Wikipedia, Google, PubMed or wherever you look it up-- the more sense it will make.

What you have to do? There is no magic bullet to fix you. You can watch me wake up at 5 in the morning talking the talk and walking the walk on Instagram every day. I am there to motivate and teach. Many have watched me change my diet and take the right supplements for my DNA (that’s the nutrigenetics I teach at in order to heal my Hashimoto's thyroiditis. There are no magic bullets. You are made up of mitochondria (batteries) and genetics or DNA code. This is what modern medicine misses. But in order to help you heal with this knowledge, it needs to be simple. SO I will spend less time explaining the details and more time using analogies so you can apply it to your daily life to change your routine.

Mitochondria take information from 1. Oxygen, 2. Food, and 3. Sunlight. If you just start to think about those three things, it will help. Here are some examples of things that can affect your mitochondrial function:

If you have a lung disease, that affects your oxygen. Sleep apnea, anemia, smoking, heavy menstrual bleeding... These all affect your ability to deliver oxygen to your mitochondria. By definition then, they are mitochondrial diseases.

For food: you are born with a life switch to maximize your energy production. It’s called ketosis. Your ATP production goes from 36 molecules of ATP to 120+ molecules of ATP when you are able to burn fat for fuel. If you are super sick, you cannot burn fat and you have a problem that takes time to fix. There are no magic bullets, no magic pills that I can give you to fix the problem (other than fasting, which is way too hard). You have to make dietary changes to burn your own fat or someone else’s fat (meaning dairy, avocado, butter, etc). We’ve been taught for generations that fat is bad, but 2021 medical literature proves it’s not.

Lastly is light. The sun and darkness are the instructions for your energy and sleep. Why? Because your skin directs your immune traffic by the instruction from the sun via your eyes and skin.

Ultimately, when you fix these 3 inputs or what I call switches, you improve your hormone function, improve your energy, clean out the plaque in your neurons which improves your memory, and remove the plaque from your vessels. Then the brain will wake up, and when the brain wakes up, everything I have been saying starts to make sense, the universe starts to make sense. You start to see that what you put out there changes what you get and things start to happen for you. #betterstrongerfaster

If you believe you're going to get there, you will get there. You create your reality. If you heal and build your knowledge, you will get there. If you wake up in the morning and you are sick, the first step is to see yourself well. See yourself young and vibrant again no matter what age you are. You can reverse your age when you understand how the body works. Let me show you.

If you live in Arizona and you'd like to work with me as a patient, you can call our office at 480-970-1937. I also do online consultations internationally, which can be scheduled through

© 2020 by Courtney Hunt, MD, PC

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I live in the norden country of Sweden, at this time of year the sun rises at 4 am and sets around 10 pm. This gives me to few hours of sleeps. Is your recommendation still to get up at sunrise? Thankful for your thoughts around this.

Gefällt mir

How long do you stare at the sunrise and the sunset? I'm asking because I work at 3am and want to try to be outside when the sun rises and want the benefits of the sunrise. Thanks!!! I also just ordered you weight loss protocol supplements.

Starting to work on healing myself at (almost) 52. :)

Gefällt mir
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