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Quantum Consciousness: Heal Yourself So You Can See

On this starry, starry night as we attempt to comprehend the magnitude of the distance between the stars in the galaxy, so too should we look within to understand the grand scale of the design of the subatomic particles that make up us. The quarks, the protons, the neutrons, the electrons, the atoms, the molecules, the DNA, the cells, the organs, and ultimately the human being. As above, so below, just like the universe that extends beyond Earth-- infinitely large and infinitely small.

Quantum mechanics is the branch of physics that explains how things happen at the most microscopic scale. Scientists call this the Planck scale. It’s the tiniest measure of time, length, mass, temperature, and charge. Think of the movie Lucy as she tries to explain the smallest unit of measure. But there is no unit this small. Think of an atom as a giant football field. The nucleus would be the size of a canary flying around the vastness of the stadium. Its electrons would be the size of a fly, buzzing around the canary. And as the fly is orbiting the canary doing a delicate dance, it is interacting with a field of energy, never able to be pinned down. This field of energy is called the Higgs field.

Prior to the re-discovery of quantum mechanics in the 1920s-- because let’s be honest, ancient civilizations understood much better than we, and da Vinci even knew-- classical physics was used to describe energy and matter, or the mass that makes up us. Classical physics allows us to describe what we can see with our 5 senses-- gravity, motion, temperature-- but it’s the laws of quantum physics that allow for the magic in the tiniest of tiny realms. There is some probability that particles can be in two places at once, called superposition; that they can travel through walls, called quantum tunneling; and that they can connect across time and space, called quantum entanglement. This is the magic that we need to teach our children so that society can advance itself.

For example, the electromagnetic field (EMF), or radiation that we receive from our sun is both a wave and a particle, a tiny envelop called the photon of energy that gives us all of our instructions that we need to direct our mitochondria to keep us healthy or prevent us from falling into the abyss of dis-ease.

We are at the precipice of quantum biology in medicine. Scientists are finally opening up to understand that the subatomic particles that make up us interact with that field of energy, also referred to as the absolute, the stillness, or the ether, depending on what field you are studying. We used to think that human biology was too warm and wet of an environment and that it required an extremely cold environment for quantum physics to take place, but we now know that birds use electromagnetic radiation to take flight; bacteria entangle their particles in the microbes inside of their gut; dogs are able to find their way home by sensing the electromagnetic radiation; molecules as big as diamonds are able to be entangled and lasers are able to affect molecules inside of a diamond and its entangled partner diamond halfway around the world. Plants entangle photons of light to perform photosynthesis to give us our food. UC Berkeley even has a brand new spectroscope to study this entanglement.

Six years ago I went looking for answers about the flow state I felt in the morning sun and found the answers in light.

There are three quantum phenomena explained above which must be explained better in order to understand this blossoming branch of medicine. While our five senses cannot perceive them, science shows them to be very real.

Quantum Tunneling

In classical physics, one of these tiny particles cannot travel through a barrier without sufficient energy. We used to think that this was true for the chemical reactions in our bodies. Quantum tunneling explains how one of these particles can cross that wall without climbing the mountain or generating that amount of energy, kind of like pushing a boulder through my beloved Camelback mountain rather than over the top.

Quantum Entanglement

In 1935, Einstein wrote a paper about quantum entanglement and he called it spooky action at a distance. This is the infamous EPR paper. It means that these tiny particles that have interacted with each other are still connected and can affect each other across time and space. When one particle has interacted with another, they become connected, much like a marching band. When one tuba player spins one way at one goal post, the other tuba player spins the opposite direction at the other goal post. If one tuba player were to collapse, they both collapse, therefore carrying information about the song they were both playing. The information is carried faster than the speed of light. In science, entanglement has been demonstrated in bird migration, photosynthesis, and many other biological systems.

Quantum Coherence

Now, think of that same marching band with a full cast. As the music begins to play, they all play their role in perfect harmony. This is the musical equivalence of quantum coherence. What’s in one is in the whole. Another example would be cream in your coffee. If you have a cup of coffee and you slowly pour the cream, most would imagine that it dissipates beautifully through the darkness, like a cloud. Quantum coherence means that once one drop of cream hits the coffee, the whole cup turns a milky brown instantaneously. Our bodies are quantum systems. When something happens at the subconscious or autonomic level, it instantaneously affects the whole.

Given the above examples, in order to fully understand how to heal a body, we must realize that these effects are taking place inside of and in between each of us, bringing us into a state of better focus, concentration, health, and harmony, for ourselves and with our friends, family, places of worship, schools, and communities around us. What’s in one is in the whole, and as we heal our brains and bodies using quantum biology as the foundation, we will bring healing to our communities and kindness to one another.

© 2021 by Courtney Hunt, MD, PC


Tyler Pavkovich
Tyler Pavkovich
Aug 25, 2021

This is great. Keep sharing....


I am thoroughly enjoying the explanations in your blog posts! Learning a lot. Thank you.

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