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Happy Spring Equinox

Today is the spring equinox. It is the day the sun crosses over the equator to bring ultraviolet light back to the northern hemisphere so that plants can grow and bear fruit. Ancient civilizations would have used knowledge of this date by tracking the sun on the horizon with a landmark to know when the light would be back. They would have used that knowledge to time their crops. Much of humanity has lost the knowledge that the sun appears to move on the horizon. We no longer use landmarks to track the data so we know when the sunlight is strong (UV). Most people would be hard-pressed to tell you the exact location where the sun comes over the horizon from their front or back yards. We now have an app on our phones called DMinder that you can use to track it yourselves. But indigenous Americans knew. For example, the Hohokam society used the hole in the rock (a cave with a hole in its roof) in Phoenix to track the summer and winter solstice and spring and fall equinox to time their crops. This society existed between 300 and 1500 AD and perhaps as early as 300 BC.

Photo Creidt: Frank Zullo / Zullo Photography

But the information has also been planted in things like our national landmarks. For example, the Lincoln Memorial, reflecting pool, and Washington monument is in perfect alignment with the sun at the equinox. The day the sun crosses the equator to bring light back to the north. At sunrise on this day with Lincoln facing due east, all of the lights are turned out just before sunrise so that at sunrise he is awash in golden light and Lincoln is aglow without any shadows.

Photo Credit: David Coleman /

Catholics celebrate this time of year as they celebrate Easter. The Ancient Church used to fast for 40 days at this time of year. This is fitting because as the Ultraviolet light of the sun returned to the northern hemisphere the plants would again begin to grow bearing fruit and vegetables to be eaten in summer. These fruit and vegetables would have contained heavy metals from the soil of the earth’s crust, just as they do now. So the ancient tradition of fasting would have been used in conjunction with ashes or charcoal to adsorb toxins being dumped from our cells while fasting. This would have been done to clean the system. If you have ever experienced keto flu you know that your gut can get very upset with you as those toxins and heavy metals get dumped and today we can used activated charcoal to adsorb those, relieving these symptoms. The application of ashes to the forehead is actually representative of the use of charcoal to detoxify the system. This tradition came from the Norse God Odin and was adopted by Catholics in the 6th century. It appears to have been handed down from Vedic tradition who would have used ash for the same purposes. Helping clean the body of toxins while fasting in anticipation of the Sun’s return and of eating plants that contained heavy metals. As the sun returns to the north and plants grow, humans would have indulged in carbohydrates (fruits and vegetables, not donuts and cake) growing during that time when the light/ days are long and they would have been more active outside, burning more calories, hunting in Ketosis. If you want to use this information to heal yourselves start by stepping outside every day at sunrise and learning where the sun comes over the horizon each day of the year. Never miss a sunrise with naked eyes. No glasses or contacts. Start to learn the timing of the sunrise and how it affects your sleep. Learn how Ketosis and fasting affect your biology to clean your cells via autophagy. You can learn more in my Ketosis and autophagy webinars to see how it all connects. Happy Equinox.


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