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Basics of Quantum Mechanics Webinar

Every facet of your existence, from biological processes to cognitive functions, is influenced by quantum mechanics. We invite you to join Courtney Hunt, MD, for a one-hour deep-dive into the foundational aspects of quantum theory. Topics will include quantum entanglement, quantum coherence, the standard particle, the standard model, basic quantum mechanics, and the electromagnetic spectrum.

Quantum mechanics, a key physics theory, describes nature at atomic and subatomic levels. Key concepts include:

  1. Wave-Particle Duality: Particles exhibit both wave and particle properties, like light behaving as both.

  2. Quantum Entanglement: Interconnected particles affect each other instantly, regardless of distance.

  3. Quantum Superposition: Particles exist in multiple states simultaneously until measured.

  4. Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle: Precise knowledge of one property limits accuracy of another, like position and momentum.

  5. Quantum Tunneling: Particles pass through barriers they shouldn't classically overcome.

  6. Quantum Coherence/Decoherence: Wave-like states showing interference and their transition to classical systems.

  7. The Standard Model: Classifies subatomic particles and explains fundamental forces.

  8. Electromagnetic Spectrum: Includes all electromagnetic radiation types, like visible light.

This theory underpins modern technologies like semiconductors, lasers, and quantum computing, representing a forefront area in physics.

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