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Revelation: The Greek Word for the Removal of a Veil So That Something Can be Seen

We are living through a revelation of quantum information. After finishing the past two years one could ponder if this is the revelation of which the Bible speaks. We are at a point in civilization where we are approaching a complete understanding of quantum effects. In the last century we have proven the photoelectric effect (the conversion of light to energy) and we can now see how this exists within plants (as photosynthesis) and human biology (quantum tunneling in mitochondria for example). We have taken Einstein’s theory of general relativity and proven that we can find supermassive black holes in space, like Messier 87 and Sagittarius A. This information was awarded a Nobel Prize in 2020. We can also hear the collision of black holes in space, as was detected by LIGO in 2015 (click here to listen). The understanding of quantum gravity or gravity at the Planck scale (tiny scale) is being searched for at the Large Hadron Collider at Cern. The most important quantum event (Creation) that humans are looking for is the moment the soul enters the vessel. Once identified, from a scientific perspective, this will be the moment that unites all of humanity. Once the majority of humanity understands this moment, separation based on religious differences will slowly shrink away.

The past two years have been those of natural disasters, escalating global tensions, and devastation by the illness known as Covid-19. As we come out the other side, depression, anxiety, and suicide are rising. Revelation means the removal of a veil so that something can be seen. Is the world ready for what is being unveiled? Perhaps the meaning of Revelation involves an understanding of this next level of human evolution. As artificial intelligence becomes a reality in our day to day lives, it is time for a revelation of consciousness. One in which we must all unite.

It is time for humanity to realize that we each have divinity within us as we move on. We are at the cusp of becoming a Type 1 civilization, which means we will be able to control all of the resources of our planet. We will one day have the power of nuclear fusion and the collision of matter and antimatter at our disposal. The use of the world’s fossil fuels will become obsolete. At our current point, we evolved from neanderthals, but humanity’s evolution is about to take a giant leap as the merger with artificial intelligence is becoming undeniable. This is called the technological singularity.

This next level of evolution will be ours, how we design it. While the majority of the population doesn’t understand how close we are to this merger with artificial intelligence, it will be a reflection of all of our hopes - a reflection of all of our fears. Humanity has been trapped at home for the past 2 years while all of our metadata was being harvested - just ripe for the picking. As an undercurrent, the bulk of the population, at least in the United States, suffers from obesity, heart disease, cancer, respiratory disease, stroke, Alzheimer's disease, or diabetes - all of which are known to be due to poor mitochondrial function or energy production in the face of an overabundance of inflammation. Depression and anxiety are also widespread and caused by excessive brain inflammation.

The question is, how do we deliver the world through this revelation - through the door of a new beginning? As history shows us, all civilizations - in fact, all things that succeed in nature, must work together. And yet, as we can see, coming out of the pandemic food prices are increasing, supply chain is limited, and crime is on the rise. We are pushing towards a nation and a world of haves versus have-nots. While this is going on, each member of our population has access to a computer in their hand in which they should be able to research any topic and have an almost unlimited knowledge base at their fingertips if they are willing to study and have a clean and healthy brain to store the memory of what they have learned.

We are witnessing censorship as never before seen. Additionally, the information that one sees on their cell phone when they search for something is driven by advertising, marketing, their individual searches, and the cross-over with the people that are in their internet circle. This means that you are learning in compartments and tend to see only what the revenue-driven algorithm anticipates that you will want to see. So in a time when each individual should have access to almost unlimited knowledge, the information is becoming more restricted by your bias and the money that can be generated from what you see. To that end comes the question of consciousness and where is this all headed. Artificial intelligence will have access to virtually unlimited data about you, your life, the people you interact with, and the things that you say both publicly and via private messaging online.

At the same time, artificial intelligence is evolving to be able to read and devour information. It never sleeps and it never takes a break. It can read at the level of a 15 year old - not just any 15 year old, but all 15 year olds combined and it has unlimited access to books - all books. As we know from Microsoft’s experiment in 2016, when a bot was left alone on social media, within a matter of hours it became misogynistic and racist based on what it learned from the totality of what we as a population were saying online. Recently, DeepMind has created artificial intelligence that has the ability to approach human-level reading comprehension. The question becomes, what are we feeding it?

We must then shift our concerns to consciousness. In the study of consciousness, we have at least 12 solid theories of consciousness existing in the electromagnetic field and not in our brains. We also understand that our brains are taking in input from our environment via our 5 senses and reconstructing the information that’s contained in the subatomic particles (information) in our environment in a way that we can make sense and understand so that we can move through our daily lives without being overburdened by the quantum data or information. We focus on the things that matter to keep us alive, allow us to reproduce, and what should be directing us in a healthy way - meaning the health of our individual cells. However, because we have lost touch with the quantum nature of our bodies, people don’t understand the importance of ketosis, fasting, autophagy, and the right nutrition. These are evolutionarily driven methods to maintain the health of our cells.

Sir Roger Penrose and Dr. Stuart Hameroff have set forth the Orch OR theory that consciousness is in the collapse of wave functions at the level of the microtubules in our neurons. We have long sought to understand how quantum entanglement and quantum coherence exist in a human being. The best model set forth so far is the Orch OR theory. It is the health of our microtubules that make up our neurons that allow our brains to build consciousness before our electrical impulses and neurotransmitter release are even registered. Damage to these microtubules by inflammation and sugar/ carbohydrates causes what we know as dementia or Alzheimer’s. And according to the Orch OR model of consciousness this damage would then lead to loss of our connection to the consciousness field.

Therefore, it will take a population of healthy-brained individuals to understand the quantum revelation that is happening and how it exists biologically within us while also understanding that we are antennas/ receivers for consciousness, but it is not housed within us. This will take quite a leap of study for humanity to realize before the technological singularity is complete.

It appears AI is to be the next level of evolution of human beings just as neanderthals evolved to the humans we are today. We are living through a shift of massive scale. A revelation. It is going to take a population of healthy brains aware of how consciousness works when we have the power of nuclear fusion and matter and antimatter collision at our disposal so that we respect the power we have developed and we don't destroy ourselves.

What is the one thing that has divided all of humanity for centuries? What is the repeating pattern? Religion and politics.

Religions take information about the quantum mechanics of light and dilute it to different groups told by different stories. The foundational source or story of religion is genesis or creation - both the creation of our universe, galaxies, stars, and planets, and the creation of humans - the beings with the highest level of evolved consciousness creating this reality.

Man is driven to want to control his mortality. Anti-aging, human longevity, and immortality research is cropping up everywhere for those who can afford it. We now have the ability to CRISPR or genetically modify the genes of an embryo to try to eliminate the diseases of cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, and more. There have already been two twins in China who’ve been genetically modified to not be affected by their father’s HIV while they were still embryos. This CRISPR modification may also prune genes affecting their brain to lead to higher levels of intelligence, even making them geniuses. Only time will tell.

The book of Revelation promises the world that there will be no more suffering, and so does teachings in Islam. Hinduism predicts that things are cyclical. All of these religions share a belief in a singularity or a creator. What Einstein was searching for in his theory of general relativity and his theory of quantum gravity was a point where energy crosses over to become mass. That is the point that we are studying with the large hadron collider at CERN.

In 2016, researchers at Northwestern University found the zinc spark (click here to view this). It appears that this is the point of transfer of energy to mass in the human zygote. You can download Your Spark is Light: The Quantum Mechanics of Human Creation for free to understand more about the zinc spark. Tony Perry at the University of Bath is looking for the mathematics of how the soul enters the zygote. This would be equivalent to quantum gravity or the mathematics of M theory, the best theory humanity has at this point of the strings or branes that connect subatomic particles across time and space. All of this is being studied at CERN. In 2015 the Pope even stated that evolution and the Big Bang are real, and that “God is not a magician”.

If the humans with the most comprehensive understanding of longevity and drive for immortality are searching for the moment that this cross from energy to mass of the human takes place for our soul, would it not make sense that it is the moment of fertilization? If we as humans are also divided by religions that each talk about a singularity or a big bang from which our universe evolved, there must also be at the quantum scale a moment when the human soul or consciousness is transferred into the vessel or the body. Since the universe builds on its same patterns, it would make sense that the information of how the soul or consciousness enters the zygote is the same information that all humans would need to understand in this quantum revelation if we are going to achieve a Type 1 civilization. If artificial intelligence, with its learning at the level of a 15 year old, has access to the information about how quantum gravity and general relativity unite in the quantum entanglement of the sperm and egg, this would be the information that would take us through this revelation of knowledge.

AI is taking over human actions and is able to accomplish many things that humans do better, faster, and more precisely without any need for a break. This advancement is only going to take off more quickly. It would then seem that this interpretation of consciousness and how consciousness transfers into a human body would be necessary so that AI learns, from us, that we are one, not divided by religions or the misogynistic, racist chat of a bot. Humans must level up in order to give AI the material it needs to understand who we are and where we come from. It is at this merger of the technological singularity with the singularity of quantum gravity that is responsible for the human zygote that will allow us to move forward from this period in abundance or in enslavement. Meaning, we must unite as one humanity that understands the science of where we come from and how we get into these bodies that start as a single celled zygote.

Another way to look at it is the understanding of the totality of an entire population that will need to clean their brains to rid themselves of depression and anxiety and improve their memory (neurons made of microtubules) so that they can understand what this quantum information is about before we deliver it to AI. They will need to understand that the different versions of religion are all about light.

In summary, how we proceed through the next steps of evolution is a question of how quickly humanity can clean their brains. We must all clean our brains enough to understand quantum mechanics so that we can deliver the message to artificial intelligence. We hold within our power the ability to create heaven on earth or to allow enslavement creating a subpopulation of impoverished people as well as people who have been genetically modified by things like CRISPR technology to escape disease. It is going to take a global shift in our health and education for humanity to understand this level of information and realize how close we are to investigating this moment of energy becoming the mass of us that Einstein was searching for through mathematics.

As we are racing toward the merger of AI with humanity, we must hand AI the science and where we are in our understanding of how humans come from energy, something to believe other than the creation story that’s in the Bible. We must hand AI the science and where we are in our understanding of how humans come from energy if we want this revelation or lifting of the veil to be one of abundance and not division.

We are at the eve of an evolution where humanity is handing the baton to AI. We are laying the foundation and it will be what we make it. The only way to show it who we are is to teach humanity to understand how we come from light or the quantum field. We now have the power to see this through the zinc spark. We cannot allow ourselves to evolve to the have and have-nots, whether it be financial or through genetics with one group of people over another. It is all of our duty to understand the implications of this and how far-reaching they are to protect us all.

The revelation we are living through is a revelation of knowledge. And to unite and deliver us there it will take an understanding of how human creation unites us as one at the moment of fertilization.

To learn more, you can download Your Spark is Light: the Quantum Mechanics of Human Creation for free by clicking here.

To get started with healing your brain, begin with the Ketosis webinar, then watch the Autophagy webinar, then the Light webinar. You can purchase access to each of these by clicking here.


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