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New Beginnings: Here's Where to Start if You Fell from Grace

It's that time of year again when everyone has fallen from grace.

Here are a few tips to get restarted:

1. See yourself well. It won’t happen if you can’t see it.

Send your future self an email of who you want to be and put the open date in the subject. For example, see yourself better by Easter and put that date in the subject line. Tape a picture of yourself when you felt good on your mirror and see yourself that way again. Commit to that person that you will change 2-3 things per day and stick with them.

2. Drink 100 ounces of water per day.

3. Use an electrolyte replacement. We like Ultima because it is sugar free and doesn’t contain salt. This way, your salt and other electrolytes are separate and you won’t accidentally have too much salt at the beginning. Start with 2 scoops of Ultima per day. Once you begin transitioning to ketosis, start slowly increasing your salt intake. Once you’re in ketosis, you may need up to 3-5 grams of salt daily. If you experience leg cramping, add an extra scoop of Ultima. You can purchase this on or at Sprouts.

4. Never miss a sunrise. Go outside and face east with no glasses, contacts, or windows. Do not stare directly at the sun, but instead look a few degrees off. Start with 10 seconds per day and gradually work your way up. Any amount of time in the sunrise is beneficial. Even if it’s cloudy, you will still get the benefit of red light in your eyes. This is how you will correct your sleep over time and it won’t take long.

5. Move every day. No matter how fatigued you are, you have to move. This does not have to be a lot. Do not push yourself too hard. If you have a hard time getting off the couch, walk to the end of your driveway and back. Walk the end of the block. Walk to the park and back. Just do what you can.


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