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Intro Mitochondria Webinar

You've always had the power!

Dive deep into the cellular engine that fuels this power – mitochondria – in an educational webinar session that’s all about tapping into your inner energy source.

*NEW* LIVE Intro Mitochondria Webinar with Dr. Hunt

DATE: Friday, Feb 16th at 10:30am MST
Dr. Courtney Hunt is about to lead an unforgettable exploration into mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell. This isn’t your average science talk; it's a 1-hour journey to the core of cellular energy, complete with a 15-min Q&A for all your questions.

Upon registration, you will receive an automated email with a Zoom link to attend the webinar live. All participants will be sent a recording of the webinar with 30 days of unlimited access.

What you need to know about mitochondria and health:

  • Redox Potential: Understand how mitochondria keep our cells fully charged and ready for action.

  • Zombie Cells: Step into the shadowy realm of "zombie cells" and uncover how mitochondrial dysfunction can lead to their formation, affecting aging and age-related diseases. It's a lesson in cellular rejuvenation.

  • Hormesis: Discover the surprising benefits of mild stress on our mitochondria, enhancing their resilience and our health in a process known as hormesis.

  • Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS): Learn about the complex role of ROS in signaling and cellular health, and how mitochondria navigate their dual nature.

  • Free Radicals: Explore the intricate dance between free radicals and mitochondria, crucial for maintaining cellular harmony and function.

This webinar goes beyond basic biology; it's a gateway to understanding how enhancing mitochondrial function can be a game-changer for reversing diseases, boosting energy, and sharpening focus. We’ll reference groundbreaking studies showcasing the transformative power of optimized mitochondrial energy production.

  • Designed to be accessible, this session is for anyone curious about the science of well-being, no matter your background.

  • Bring along anyone who’s keen on unlocking the mysteries of our cellular powerhouses – friends, family, or colleagues.

  • Get ready to be empowered by the brilliance of mitochondria and how they influence our health, vitality, and longevity. See you there for an enlightening experience that will change how you see your body's energy! 🚀

Whats Included?


Intro Mitochondria Webinar

Friday, February 16th at 10:30 am MST.

  • Live One Hour Zoom Webinar 

  • Enjoy 30 days of post-webinar access for review and deeper understanding.

  • The recording of the webinar will be sent 5 days after to all those who registered and you will have 30 days of access to it. 

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
Please note, this program is rich in educational content but is not a substitute for medical advice. Participating in this group/webinar does not establish a doctor patient relationship. Please do not send personal DMs or emails. You are encouraged to ask general questions publicly so that all participants can benefit and learn from your curiosity. Always consult your primary care physician for any health-related concerns or before embarking on a new health regimen. 
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