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Intro Histamine IG Group + Webinar

Unlock the Mysteries of Histamine

Hey there! 😊

Are you tired of battling against histamine intolerance, allergy-like symptoms, lightheadedness, or POTS? Discover the path to better health with our enlightening webinar and private Instagram group, led by the esteemed Dr. Hunt.

Webinar and Exclusive 14-Day Instagram Group

Struggling with histamine intolerance, allergy-type symptoms, lightheadedness, or POTS?

Mark your calendars for Friday, February 23rd, at 10:30am MST.

Prepare to embark on an informative journey that promises to shed light on the complexities of histamine intolerance, POTS, and mast cell activation syndrome. With 45 minutes of educational content followed by a 15-minute interactive Q&A, this webinar is your gateway to a deeper understanding and effective symptom management.

Exclusive 14-Day Instagram Group: Starting February 22nd at sunrise, join a select group of individuals in a dedicated Instagram community. Dr. Hunt will guide you through daily live sessions, offering personal insights and strategies to navigate the challenges of histamine-related conditions.

  • Webinar Date: Friday, February 23rd at 10:30am MST.

  • Intro Histamine IG Group Start Date: February 22nd at Sunrise, running for 14 days.

This is not just another health talk. It's an opportunity to transform your understanding and management of histamine-related conditions. Whether you're seeking to gain new insights or looking for support in your journey, our webinar and Instagram group offer a valuable resource.

Histamine Intolerance Insights:

Learn how to manage symptoms like gut upset, rashes, and feeling faint through practical steps. Dr. Hunt will highlight the critical role of histamine in the body, including the fascinating interplay between histamine and light exposure. This nuanced discussion aims to enlighten without offering medical advice, focusing on increasing awareness and education.

Key Points:

  • The webinar and Instagram group are educational, not medical advice.

  • Please consult with your healthcare professionals for personal medical guidance.

  • Content will build on previous webinars, with new insights on environmental factors like light exposure.

  • Registrants receive a post-webinar recording, accessible for 30 days.

Histamine Educational Topics:

  • Anti-Inflammatory Foods: Identifying foods that can help reduce inflammation and potentially alleviate symptoms related to histamine intolerance.

  • Anti-Histamine Foods: Foods known to naturally lower histamine levels or block its effects in the body, providing dietary strategies for management.

  • Histamine Intolerance Symptoms: Comprehensive overviews of symptoms, helping individuals identify and differentiate histamine intolerance from other conditions.

  • Natural Histamine Blockers: Exploration of vitamins, supplements, and herbs that may help manage histamine levels and reduce symptoms.

  • Low-Histamine Nutrition: Detailed guides and meal planning strategies that limit foods high in histamine, essential for daily dietary management.

  • Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS): Information on MCAS, its relationship with histamine intolerance, symptoms, and management strategies.

  • Managing Skin and Rashes: Tips and treatments for dealing with histamine-induced skin issues, including eczema, hives, and other rashes.

  • Gut Health and Histamine: Understanding the link between gut health, probiotics, and histamine levels, including strategies for improving digestive wellness.

  • Lifestyle Adjustments for Histamine Intolerance: Sleep, stress management, and environmental changes to support overall health and mitigate symptoms.

Registration Details:

Upon registering, you'll receive an automated email with webinar joining instructions and immediate access to the Instagram group. Check your inbox to ensure smooth participation. Please note, purchases are final with no refunds available.

Space is limited—reserve your spot today to embark on this comprehensive educational experience, enhancing your understanding and management of histamine-related conditions.

Genetic Protocol™ offers specialized nutrigenetic consulting services. Please note that these services do not constitute medical advice and do not establish a doctor-patient relationship with Dr. Hunt.

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