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Buy the Histamine Intolerance, POTS, Post-Viral Illness, MCAS & Allergies and How Sunlight Relates to All of These Webinar

If you experience gut upset, rash, feeling like you're going to faint, and/or allergy-type symptoms, this may be related to histamine intolerance. In this webinar, Dr. Hunt will walk you through actionable steps that you can take in your own life to help relieve symptoms and heal. Sunlight plays a key role in this, and Dr. Hunt will describe how the sun relates to histamine intolerance, POTS, post-viral illness, mast cell activation syndrome, and allergies and how you can get appropriate frequencies of light to heal from these.

  • Histamine Webinar

    On-Demand Webinar
    Valid for one month
    • 30-day Access to Dr. Hunt's Webinar
    • No Refunds
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