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The Simple Autophagy & Apoptosis (Fasting) Webinar + Instagram Group

Unlock the Power of Fasting & Autophagy in Your Ketosis Journey!

Embarking on a ketosis journey is just the beginning. There's a fascinating biological process called autophagy, where our cells self-cleanse and regenerate, leading to numerous health benefits. Fasting can stimulate this process, and when combined with ketosis, it can create a powerhouse of wellness for your body and mind.

Important Dates:
28-Day Private IG Group
Thursday, November 9th
until Thursday, December 7th
*You can join any time*

Simple Autophagy Webinar
Saturday, November 11th at 10:30 MST

This course offers:

  • 28-Day Fasting Journey on Instagram: Starts on Thursday, November 9th. Experience daily insights, live sessions, and actionable tips on entering a profound state of autophagy through fasting.

  • Simple Autophagy Webinar: Scheduled for Saturday, November 11th at 10:30am MST. This 60-minute webinar will introduce you to the science and art of fasting, followed by a 15-minute Q&A. Those who purchase will receive access to a recording of the webinar by the following Wednesday and will have access to this for 30 days.

Benefits of Fasting & Autophagy:

  • Combatting brain fog

  • Reducing anxiety & depression

  • Addressing neurological and thyroid issues

  • Improving attention & focus

  • Rejuvenating damaged skin

  • Managing chronic, autoimmune, and inflammatory diseases

  • Enhancing cellular repair processes

  • Detoxifying cells from damaged components

  • Promoting longevity and healthy aging

  • Boosting metabolic rate and energy levels

  • Strengthening immune function

  • Reducing insulin resistance, potentially lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes

  • Enhancing heart health by improving blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and other cardiovascular risk factors

  • Assisting in the prevention of cancer through cellular clean-up

  • Improving gut health and overall digestive function

  • Weight management
    & much more!


The 28 Day Private Instagram Group Includes:

Every day, I'll host a live session lasting at least 10 minutes, sharing my fasting techniques and the science behind them. These sessions will remain accessible throughout our 31-day journey. For an all-round experience, we recommend that you participate in both the private group and the webinar.

This is an intermediate-level offering. We recommend having completed our Intro to Brain Protocol on Instagram or our Ketosis Webinar first. If you're newer to the world of ketosis, look out for our upcoming introductory sessions!

If you've been part of our previous Autophagy Instagram group, consider if you'd like a refresher.

Instagram content will run from November 9th until December 7th. The page will be taken down on December 10th. No extensions.
Upon registration, expect a detailed confirmation email.

While I'm here to guide, please remember I won't be answering personal DMs or emails. For one-on-one consultations, reach out to

Importantly, while this program offers structured support, it is NOT medical advice. This group is NOT for pregnant or breast feeding moms, Type 1 Diabetes or people with severe kidney disease.

Join Us in Unraveling the Mysteries of Fasting & Autophagy!

In health,

Courtney Hunt MD, FACOG

  • Simple Autophagy & Fasting Insta Group

    Instagram Group Only
    • No refunds once purchased. No Exceptions.
  • Simple Autophagy & Fasting Webinar Only

    Webinar Only
    • No refunds once purchased. No exceptions.
  • Simple Autophagy Webinar & Insta Group

    Webinar + Instagram Group
    • No refunds once purchased. No exceptions.
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