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Did you know that your body works as a system of organized information where the food you eat creates the energy that tells your DNA how to be healthy? 

Dr Courtney Hunt has spent the majority of her career as a board certified OBGYN. Today she is committed to using leading edge thinking - years ahead of its time - to make surgery and pharmaceuticals less necessary and lifestyle more important in the path to wellness.

Dr Hunt’s is a world leader in the field of Nitrogenic Medicine which focuses on how DNA interacts with the environment, lifestyle, and food choices to influence wellness..  Her goal is to work with you to develop a personalized nutrition plan that matches your diet to your DNA whether you have been told there is no treatment for your chronic illness  or you are searching for peak performance and optimal brain function.

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Genetic Protocol is the most advanced systems-based genetic analysis, circadian biology, and diet protocols for achieving health and peak performance.

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Working with Dr. Hunt requires a commitment to make what can be difficult changes in your life.

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Dr Courtney Hunt shares wisdom that will empower your journey to self-healing

Dr Courtney Hunt

Dr Hunt practices Functional Medicine in Arizona. By combining traditional and alternative medicine, she focuses on managing the underlying causes of disease rather than an isolated set of symptoms or diagnoses.

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