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Meet Courtney Hunt, MD

Dr. Hunt is committed to working with you and your individual needs to successfully create a personalized health plan that encompasses your unique health and wellness needs. She takes a personalized approach to wellness by integrating nutrigenetics and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy to achieve the best possible outcomes and restore energy, vitality, happiness, and health. 


If you are tired of not receiving answers to your health concerns, we invite you to contact our office today so that we may offer you the personalized, trustworthy care that you have been searching for and deserve to call your own.


Dr. Courtney Hunt

Courtney A. Hunt, MD, FACOG attended University of California at Berkeley for her undergraduate studies and continued her education at Loyola School of Medicine in Chicago, Illinois. She completed her Obstetrics and Gynecology residency at UCLA. Dr. Hunt practiced obstetrics and gynecology for 15 years before stopping obstetrics to pursue her interest in quantum biology and nutrigenetics or the interaction between our environment and our DNA.

Dr. Hunt began investigating the intersection between the physics of light, mitochondria, and DNA to determine the best practices and methods to keep us healthy.

She followed her true calling and immense passion to help people, who despite modern medicine, are becoming increasingly sick. Her extensive medical training, surgical experience and twenty plus years in clinical practice allow her to methodically, rationally and correctly diagnose a patient, and heal them with a comprehensive approach. She covers all bases and is relentless in finding solutions for her patients. She utilizes modern medicine when needed, but focuses on a healing, proactive approach that provides long-term solutions without the need for prescription medications.

She is a true leader in nutrigenetic medicine-- including methylation and MTHFR--hormone replacement and thyroid optimization and actual reversal of thyroid disease.  She understands the quantum mechanics of circadian biology/ sunlight to heal. She believes in getting to the root cause to reverse chronic illness. As she has successfully treated thousands of patients with complex chronic issues. Dr. Hunt also understands the importance of the environment, nutrition, and light on fertility. As a society is handing down weaker and weaker DNA to our children from an epigenetic (environment affect on genetics) perspective, and utilizing the knowledge of nutrigenetics or DNA, she works with parents to prepare their bodies for a healthy baby. She has successfully treated patients with complex and chronic issues, she has developed integrative protocols to address a variety of illnesses that include thyroid and hormone balancing, nutritional genetics, and mitochondrial function assessment.

She also believes in the optimization of human potential for the individual, our families, our communities, and society. The mission is love, and when we all learn to heal inflammation one by one that is when we come to work together for the good of humanity.

She is board certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology.  


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