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Intro to Brain Protocol Instagram Group

Are you ready to improve your health, but not sure where to start? Or maybe you've gotten started, but need a little more guidance. Join us for an Intro to Brain Protocol Private Instagram Group! The Simple Ketosis Webinar will provide you with all of the information on getting into ketosis in one place, while the Instagram Group will walk you through day-to-day implementation.


The Intro to Brain Protocol Private Instagram Group will begin on Friday, July 28th. For 28 days, I will be creating 10 minute easily digestible videos and creating posts each day that explain how to get started with sunlight, ketosis, exercise, and more so that you can heal and clean your brain. I will leave these videos up for the duration of the time that the account will be active.


I will share what I eat and the habits I've created each day to guide you and help you stay on track. Take my hand. We will also be sharing more of the scientific information on ketosis so that you can teach your families.


We strongly recommend watching the Simple Ketosis Webinar as well as doing the Intro to Brain Protocol Group. This webinar is available for purchase on-demand below. This webinar is 1 hour long and includes streamlined information on how to get into ketosis. It does not include high level scientific information in order to keep it simple and stick to the actionable information you need to get into ketosis. If you purchase access, you will receive an email with access to this recording for 30 days.


For best results, we highly recommend participating in both the Intro to Brain Protocol Private Instagram Group and watching the Simple Ketosis Webinar. This will give you both the background information needed and the day-to-day guidance for implementation.


I will be posting on the Instagram page for 28 days, from July 28th through August 25th, and the group will be taken down on August 28th. There will be no extensions and no exceptions to this. 


Please note that this is our first-level intro group and will be similar to the previous intro groups and the Ketosis Webinar will contain information similar to the previous Ketosis Webinar. Please ensure that you are registering for the correct group and webinar as we are unable to give refunds after you register.


Please note that the Instagram group and webinar are for educational purposes only and are not to be considered medical advice.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Courtney Hunt, MD, FACOG

  • Brain Protocol Insta Group

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  • Simple Ketosis Webinar On-Demand

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