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Introduction to Mitochondria Live Webinar

Interested in learning more about mitochondria? It brings us great pleasure to extend a warm invitation to an exciting and enlightening webinar session, where we'll embark on an exploration of the powerhouse within our cells - Mitochondria! 

Join us on July 26th at 12 pm PST for a dynamic webinar led by yours truly, Dr. Courtney Hunt, where we will delve into the fascinating world of mitochondria and demystify their key roles in cellular function. Fear not, the session will be "simply stated" - packed with intriguing insights minus the scientific jargon. The webinar will be 45 minutes long (including a 15 minute Q&A). If you register, you will also receive an email by Monday, July 31st with 30 days of access to the recording. Mark your calendars and get ready to uncover the buzz-worthy mysteries of:


  • Redox Potential: Unlocking the Energizing Secrets Discover how the mitochondria, with its intricate redox machinery, acts as a cellular battery, constantly charging and discharging to provide the necessary energy for our cells to thrive.


  • Zombie Cells: Unraveling the Cellular Afterlife Learn about the concept of "zombie cells" and how dysfunctional mitochondria can lead to their formation, impacting aging and various age-related diseases. Let's unveil the secrets of cellular cleanup!


  • Hormesis: Embracing Stress for Optimal Health Find out how mild stressors can actually benefit our cells, bolstering mitochondrial resilience and enhancing overall health - an intriguing concept known as hormesis!


  • Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS): Friends or Foes? Explore the fascinating dual nature of ROS - as both essential signaling molecules and potential troublemakers. We'll explain how mitochondria handle these "reactive oxygen species" and their effects on our health.


  • Free Radicals: Striking a Delicate Balance Understand the role of free radicals in mitochondrial function and how the delicate balance between their production and detoxification affects cellular well-being.

Rest assured, this webinar aims to present these complex concepts in a clear and easily digestible manner, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of scientific background.

Don't miss out on this enlightening opportunity to expand your knowledge and understanding of your own cellular powerhouses. Follow the link below to reserve your spot. 

Feel free to invite colleagues, friends, or family who may also be intrigued by the wonders of cellular biology. Please note that we are not able to provide refunds once purchase is made. 

We look forward to having you with us for this engaging and thought-provoking session. Prepare to be amazed by the brilliance of mitochondria!

Courtney Hunt, MD, FACOG

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