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Fasting and Autophagy

Are you in ketosis and ready for the next steps? Through fasting, you can deepen autophagy to boost your metabolism and repair your cells! Join me on a private Instagram page for 30 days of information about how to fast to take your health to the next level.


I will walk you through how to start fasting so you can enter autophagy to further heal yourself as well as teach you the scientific information behind why this works. I will post on the Instagram page for 28 days from June 12 through July 9 and will be taken down on July 13.  This is our second level group. We will also be doing another intro level group for those who are not familiar with ketosis and fasting. We suggest you start with the Intro group first. Registration for this group will close on June 16 at Midnight PST. 


Fasting and autophagy can be useful for: 

- Weight loss 

- Brain fog 

- Anxiety 

- Depression 

- Neurological issues 

- Enhanced attention and focus 

- Repair of damaged skin 

- Chronic disease 

- Autoimmune disease 

- Thyroid issues 

- Inflammatory issues 


On this page, I will be going live every morning for 15 minutes (or more) and creating posts each day that explain autophagy and fasting. I will leave these live videos up for the duration of the 30 days that the account will be active. 


Once you register below, please request to follow @courtneyhuntmdfast and DM a screenshot of the confirmation email that states which group you've joined to that account. If you need help with this, there will be step-by-step instructions in your registration email. Please make sure that you follow and DM the correct account. 


Please note that this is not medical advice. I will not be giving one on one advice and will not be answering direct messages, but I will make posts that are relevant. 


Please note that once you are admitted to the group, because you'll have access to the information, there will be no refunds. Please make sure that you are purchasing access to the right group. 


I look forward to seeing you there! 



In Health, 

Courtney Hunt MD, FACOG

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